Jul 4, 2014

High 5 For Friday (3)

Every Friday, some of my favorite bloggers participate in a link-up called "High Five for Friday".
I've decided to join this week—a great way to look back and remember what a good week it has been!  (Find the original "link-er" here)
(1) The first wedding this week was for one of the lovely ladies that Todd and I worked with at camp (where we met!), and it was SO MUCH FUN to see so many friends—especially the wonderful women above.  The type of friend that you can be separated from for months/years and still get back together and laugh until you cry and encourage one another.  Love them

(2) Todd had some extra down time to work on his paintings this week—which allowed us to work together in our bedroom made office, made studio.  It's always fun to work together, even though we are working with different subjects/styles

(3) We had another wedding this week! One of Todd's best friends got married on Thursday.  It was so much fun to catch up a little and celebrate with them.  Don't you just love weddings?

(4) We kicked off our holiday festivities with some of our good friends and some fireworks!  We had a blast at Greenfield Village—hanging out, racing to get the best spot, picnic on the lawn, music and fireworks!

(5) Today the Hubbard and I are visiting with both sides of our family today, and that's always a reason to high-5!
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  1. It was fun to meet you on Thursday at the wedding!

  2. Hi Katrina! Thanks for visiting my blog! I saw some of your sketches and you are very talented! Also, I wanted to say (if my eyesight is correct) that you look so lovely on the first photo from your friend's wedding! Gorgeous!



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