Jul 11, 2014

Branding: Upstream

 I recently was given the opportunity of working on a branding team for a sermon series at Woodside Bible Church.
The title of the series is "Upstream", and the idea/theme behind it is that followers of Christ must move against the "steam" of the world/culture that we live in.  My challenge for this design was to convey the feeling of movement and "uphill" work while still remaining readable.  The design that was chosen had two variations, and the more conservative version was selected (which is not unusual and totally not a problem!).  However, since I did like my original thought, I decided to share it with you.  Maybe I'll do this more in the future...?

I preferred this design and the opportunity that I was given to play a little more with the typography

The design that is currently in use.  More readable while still conveying the idea of moving through space—think "Star Wars", haha

Which do you prefer? Am I too steeped in design to recognize when enough is enough? Or do you also prefer the typographic "play" created by the arrow in place of the "p"?
Which design do you prefer?
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