Aug 31, 2015

September Desktop Calendar (2015)

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The "New Year" month of our family (Teachers'R'Us).  Our new school year is already in full swing and I almost feel like we are half way through September instead of embracing the final hours of August (something tells me, this is gonna be a looooong month!)

But August went out with a bang!  One of my dearest friends got married this past Saturday, and we lived it up with a full weekend of decorating and preparing, celebrating and catching up with friends and family.  The wedding was held at the camp where I first met the Bride when we were in high school (and my own dear Hubbard!).  Seeing all of these places and people who we worked with and love so much filled my heart to the brim!

With warm fuzzies still dancing inside of me, I am closing this past month and preparing welcome in a fresh month.  September is sure to be full of hard work, laughter, love from friends and family, new adventures and comforting routines.

What are you looking forward to this month?

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Aug 26, 2015

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

So just DO IT!
Make your dreams come true!

If you have no idea what I am referencing, be sure to watch this little video of Shia LaBeouf playing "motivational speaker".
About a month ago, my husband and I took our Cross Country Team on a week long camp out to kick off the season.  We had a great time, but it was difficult.
Cross Country—running in general—is difficult!
But as a team, we put in the miles, ran the hills, completed the ab workouts and finished the week stronger.  We believe in the power of encouragement and team building, and this movie (introduced by a few of the students) became a theme for us.  When someone was down, or struggling to make it up the hill, we would shout "Make Your Dreams Come True!" or "Just Do It!" and make Shia's weird hand gestures.  It was a great way for us to encourage each other while recalling a funny memory to lighten the mood!

It called to mind this riddle:
What is always coming, but is never here?

It's easy to go back to sleep; to stay on the couch; to be comfortable.  But to get up and do the hard thing (running, going to work, reading your Bible, showing someone love, eating healthy, etc.) will pay off in the end.  And gets easier as you form healthy habits.  And it has gotten easier.  My quiet time each morning grows more precious to me as I dedicate it to the Lord and reap the benefits.  My business is more enjoyable when I dedicate the time and energy that I need to go make it successful.  My marriage is stronger and more joyful when I take time to help my husband.  My students are happier when I remember to love them instead of focusing on their performance or behavior.

What are you putting off until Tomorrow?
Start today.  Let's do this together.

Aug 24, 2015

A Maternity Illustration: Baby Ray

I haven't featured a "blogstalking" post in a while, so I guess this was due ;)

I was enamored when I saw this photo of Nancy & Will Ray from their Maternity Shoot and was thrilled when I finally had a chance to illustrate it (not a commissioned piece!  I'm just a humble blog stalker who loved it enough to finish the sketch).  Captured by the talented Callie Davis, the entire shoot is lovely, but this was by far my favorite!  I just love the sweet pose, the color scheme, the love and the underlying excitement.

I know that I don't usually illustrate maternity portraits, but I love them and do offer them in my little shop if you are interested ;) Explore details here!

Aug 22, 2015


I've really had a fun week or so on Pinterest.  I want to build a collection of inspiration boards that I can run to in order to find a collection of inspiration that fits the specific style / season that I am looking for.
Some of my favorites from this past week have included:

I just love this cake design!  So simple and elegant, and the flower on the top finishes this piece off beautifully!

Cute and classy bridal shower decor!  I have seen these monogram cups floating around all over the place lately and I might have to pick up a "L-O-V-E" set for any future showers :)

As autumn approaches, I am getting more and more excited about beautiful fall wedding inspiration!  This bouquet is the perfect mix of late summer / early fall!

I think that this is an adorable note for any time of year and plan to send a similar little card to my "Hubbard"

This overflowing bouquet is just too chic to believe!  And I actually love the black vase (I'm typically an (almost) all-white-all-the-time kinda of girl) and the way the bright flowers pop against it!

What have you been loving on Pinterest? Be sure to leave your link below and let me know what I've been missing out on! I'm always on the hunt for another "pin" ;)

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