Aug 10, 2015

Day Of Papers: Printable Menu

The menu designs are finally here!  After multiple requests for darling designs converted into beautiful menus, I decided it was time to make an official listing for it already!  And let's face it, they are darling.

I mean... just look at how the menu finishes off this place setting!

There is a design for each stationery style, and an extra design to boot (below)! Does the "Modern Stripe" style need it's own stationery line? All you have to do is ask da'ling!

As with other items in the shop, all you need to do is simply select the style and send in the information that you wish to have included.  I plan to include a menu post in my wedding etiquette
series this fall—what do you think?

Necessary and helpful, or excessive and dull?

Until then, feel free to wander around and check out the new menu designs in the shop

1 comment:

  1. That's really cute. And I think it's necessary and helpful. :)


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