Sep 30, 2015

October Desktop Calendar (2015)

Adios September, helloooo October!

While I am always a little reluctant to welcome the fall (summer = love), I am in full swing now.  Bring on the pumpkins, apple cider, beautiful changing leaves and the scarves (light scarves... let's not go crazy now), I'm ready!

September seemed to be an especially long month, so I am ready to say "good bye" until next year and dance around like the leaves in this desktop calendar.  If YOU would like to receive this beauty in your inbox for f-r-e-e, simply sign up for my newsletter.

It's really that easy.
Newsletter = free stuff.

And free? That's my favorite price.

Sep 21, 2015

Fashionable Maiden

This week the blog is going to be a little portrait heavy as I have quite a few to share with you.

I partnered with a beautiful bride-to-be to surprise her maids and "brides-man" with a special gift when she asked them to stand by her on the big day!  I think that is such a fun way to "propose" to your bridal party.

She took care to pick outfits for herself and her maids to fit their personality.  It was so fun to illustrate a variety of styles and I am thrilled with how each one turned out.  I love this illustration (above) with the maid of honor.  The quilted silver high-low dress matches her fashion forward style and the bold belt on the bride coordinates beautifully.

Sometimes I wish the clothes that I draw would jump into my closet... no such luck.

How did/will you "propose" to your girls?

Sep 17, 2015

"French Garden" Floral Wedding Stationery

I made this invitation/stationery design a couple of months ago for a dear friend of mine and while I have offered it in my shop over the summer, I have largely kept it quiet until after her wedding.
And because I couldn't resist a fall version of the design (love.that.color.scheme), I decided that it was time to finally share the whole (original) suite with you here:

She wanted a soft, romantic stationery suite that emphasized her wedding colors: shades of purple and gray.  I love that I was able to play with so many different hues, and as a friend from my days studying art at "the Arborshire", I knew that this was a challenge would be an honor to live up to!

The bride's venue is also a rustic natural environment, and I wanted to "bouquet" to be very loose and natural.  Like something you would find in the Secret Garden: beauty growing on it's own.

I love how the silhouette program turned out... the watercolor edge is really shown off in the simple layout.

If you're looking for this listing, look no further thaaaan... right here!

Otherwise, I would love to hear your favorite wedding trends and things you are loving now.  Are you in on the succulent trend? How about the woodland wedding trends?

Sep 14, 2015

Autumn Wedding Colors (2015)

I've started craving apples and cider this week, so it's clear that fall is just around the corner!  I'm not a pumpkin spice kinda girl, but cider is starting to call my name (or is it the donuts that accompany...?) and fall color schemes are finding their way into my train of thought.

I am resisting the urge for a little longer (it's usually sour early in the season) by playing with some fall color play on my classic wedding stationery designs:: (see more here and here)

This one makes me swoon.
Not only does it bring in our Pantone Color of the year (Marsala) but the golden yellow is juuuuust right!  And it is so different from the original color scheme that it give me new life and motivation!

If this makes your little bride-to-be heart sing, contact me about turning this dream into a reality, or visit this lovely listing for a little more information...

I already have a request for a marsala and mint combo... any other requests?? My color-consumed brain is here to please ;)

Sep 11, 2015

To Have, To Hold, To Serve

So much about life and marriage is about service.
Self sacrifice and loving even when it's hard.

Our students take a family and relationships class at the school and they always interview married couples at different stages in life.  We were interviewed again today, and this time we found ourselves stressing the need for selflessness and loving service.  Not because we have been extra greedy or selfish, but I think it was because we have been pulled in so many different directions lately.  When you are running around like crazy people, that the best way to show love to each other is to help and sacrifice for one another.  Life doesn't always allow us to be romantic, but when the Hubbard helps with the dishes or I sit and label uniforms, we are showing love to each other.  A love that lasts and will continue to bless.

Our marriage is a choice.
Love is a choice.
And we have chosen "yes" to sacrificing for each other.

But more importantly, for our family, we strive to serve the Lord in all that we say and do.  It's not a very popular position, and it's not always easy.  Sometimes I would rather be selfish and do things my way, but that is not what The Hubbard and I have committed to do with our lives.

I made this calligraphy print for our little home (Joshua 24:15) as a continual reminder of this promise that we have made, but I am considering offering it as an instant download in my shop... what do you think? Do I need to add a "wall art" section to the shop? I think this print (or something like it) would make a great wedding/shower art, or gift to a newly married couple!

Are there any other prints/verses that you would like to see in the shop? Let me know in the comments!

Sep 8, 2015

Fall Wedding Colors... Romantic

As I mentioned in a post last week, fall is happily dancing it's way into our lives and I even find myself in a light sweater as I type this.  But in true Michigan form, I hear that this weather will soon dance right back out and return in the form of 90* days once again next week.
Yes to the please.

I love me some hot weather, and while I love fall too, I am content to drink in plenty of warmth before I break out the boots and scarfs (winter = long.  No rush people)

Cider is calling my name.
And with cider comes beautiful fall color schemes, so I am happy to oblige my fancy and create a few more inspirational images to give you a better idea of how your favorite wedding stationery suite can be adjusted to make all of your fall bridal dreams come true!

To see the original design for this invitation suite, follow this linky, or you can also dream of this color scheme over a romantic navy background by following this link.

What other color schemes do I need to play around with?  Are you hungry for a jade and peach combo?  How about a marsala version?

Let me know, down below!

Sep 2, 2015

Wedding Etiquette: Directions & Accommodations

In a world of Google, GPS and Travelocity, it's hard to justify including additional wedding stationery for directions and accommodations.  But similarly to many other wedding traditions that are only adjusted as time goes on, these additional items can be extremely helpful to you and your guests.


Not everyone will need a direction card, but it is courteous to include it for those who are unfamiliar with the location of the wedding/reception.  Despite the fact that almost everyone has access to a smart phone or direction-retrieving device, these items are not perfect and a map between hotel and ceremony or ceremony and reception is extremely helpful for out of town guests.

We have all been there: driving to a friends house and suddenly you are asked to go straight through a dead end street... or "your destination is on the right" (in the middle of corn field??)... or construction is in the way and your GPS insists on taking the road that is now a giant hole...

Obviously, if your ceremony and reception are in the same location, or your accommodation arrangements are within sight of (or in the same building as) the ceremony/reception, you can likely skip a direction card altogether.  Otherwise, I recommend having directions and/or a map for out of town guests.


Accommodation cards, like direction cards, are extremely helpful for out of town guests, but are not necessary for everyone.

Many hotels will reserve a number of rooms for you (occasionally at a lower cost) until a certain date.  Be sure to ask for such services before sending information to your guests and give them the deadline.  The last thing you want to run into a week before your wedding is your best friend from college not being able to find reservations!

Along with the hotel name and address, be sure to include:
  • Hotel phone number
  • Hotel website
  • Registration deadline
  • Discount or coverage information (should you choose to cover a portion or all of the cost of accommodations for your guests)


Ashlee & Calvin's Wedding
July 7, 2016

Desert View ($175/night)
180 Main Street Freeport, ME
(321) 789-1012
Oaisis Inn ($257/night)
213 Main Street Gilbert, AZ
(321) 789-1011

Please reserve your rooms by June 1st
Mention our names to get the group discount price.


We have chosen our favorite local inn for your stay and
they are offering special rates for our special day.
Please reserve by June 1st and reference the Whittaker/Gray wedding.

The Dearborn Inn
7755 Oakwood
Gilbert, Arizona 85233
(321) 789-1011
RATES: $179 per night

I hope you found this information helpful and have a better idea as to whether or not you even need to include these papers in your stationery kit.  If you have any other questions or comments on anything that I may have missed, be sure to leave it in the comments below!

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