Sep 14, 2015

Autumn Wedding Colors (2015)

I've started craving apples and cider this week, so it's clear that fall is just around the corner!  I'm not a pumpkin spice kinda girl, but cider is starting to call my name (or is it the donuts that accompany...?) and fall color schemes are finding their way into my train of thought.

I am resisting the urge for a little longer (it's usually sour early in the season) by playing with some fall color play on my classic wedding stationery designs:: (see more here and here)

This one makes me swoon.
Not only does it bring in our Pantone Color of the year (Marsala) but the golden yellow is juuuuust right!  And it is so different from the original color scheme that it give me new life and motivation!

If this makes your little bride-to-be heart sing, contact me about turning this dream into a reality, or visit this lovely listing for a little more information...

I already have a request for a marsala and mint combo... any other requests?? My color-consumed brain is here to please ;)

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