Sep 30, 2015

October Desktop Calendar (2015)

Adios September, helloooo October!

While I am always a little reluctant to welcome the fall (summer = love), I am in full swing now.  Bring on the pumpkins, apple cider, beautiful changing leaves and the scarves (light scarves... let's not go crazy now), I'm ready!

September seemed to be an especially long month, so I am ready to say "good bye" until next year and dance around like the leaves in this desktop calendar.  If YOU would like to receive this beauty in your inbox for f-r-e-e, simply sign up for my newsletter.

It's really that easy.
Newsletter = free stuff.

And free? That's my favorite price.


  1. Exactly what October looks like in a nutshell. :)
    Enjoy fall!

  2. I've started making your monthly calendars the background on my work computer and all of my coworkers comment on how beautiful they are :)


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