Oct 31, 2015

November Desktop Calendar 2015

November is the month that I always seem to forget about.  As a teacher and wife of a teacher, September and October is "go time"!  Our wheels are spinning and our bodies never seem to stop.  Then, it suddenly starts to get cold and Christmas music is playing everywhere, and I'm working on gifts and cookies.  It's all I can do to just keep my nose to the ground and keep working until Christmas break!

Making the wallpaper was difficult this month.  I don't like to have Holiday themes on my desktops very often, and a giant turkey was just out of the question for me! haha!  But I wanted it to still be warm, comforting and... well... pretty!  Even though the fall feeling is basically over for us in November, it's still nice to have a hint of it on the desktop while we sip some warm cider and cozy up in our sweaters.

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I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful November!

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Oct 26, 2015

Sweet Sixteen x2

These two beauties are celebrating their 16th birthday this month!  Cousins and best friends for life, they are only a day apart in age.  Mom/Aunt worked with me to create a fun gift for each of them: a custom portrait!

I'm just swooning over the polka dot tights and double t-strap heals!  These two are not only joined at the hip, but a stylish pair to boot.  Such a fun project, I couldn't resist sharing it with you all!

Oct 17, 2015

Calligraphy Bridesmaid Card


When the Hubbard and I were first engaged, I knew pretty quickly who I wanted to stand by my side on the big day.  My sister and maid of honor was asked via phone as soon as we were engaged! I wasted no time in telling her and the news and sharing that exciting season. 
For my other bridesmaids, I sent out a card that I made to each one via snail-mail over the break. My college roommates did not expect the "proposals" because I had mentioned to them previously that I wanted to have my future sister-in-laws with me and that I prefer smaller wedding parties.  It was fun to answer the phone when they finally received their cards and to hear the excitement in their voices.

If I were to do the whole thing over again, I would probably send my bridesmaids these cards (my sister would still get the phone call.  Some things can't wait!) with a personal note inside.  The heart shape makes this otherwise typical question a work of art.

These cute little cards are available for printable download in the shop.  No need to wait for delivery, simple select, checkout and print!

Oct 14, 2015

UPDATE: Romantic Peony Wedding Suite


Every once in a while, I look over my stationery designs and give them an update.  Not only to keep up on trends and design movements, but also because I can't help myself!

I love the Soft Bloom so much (peonies and watercolors? Yes please), but I love it even more now! The addition of the semi-transparent boxes differentiate the RSVP and accommodation card from the invitation in a beautiful way.  And the silhouette program? Yes.


To see more photos of the updates (and beautifully coordinating envelope liners), checkout the listing itself here.

Oct 10, 2015

Illustrated Christmas Cards, 2015


I know, I know: It's too early for Christmas!
"It's not even Halloween!"

Yes! And I love and enjoy fall and everything that comes with it—the changing colors, the apple cider, the sweaters, the booties, cross country season and school sports—but it's never too early to have a plan, right?
With all of the plans that I have had over the past few years, would you like to guess how many Christmas cards I have sent out since we've been married and I officially started my freelance business?


I've made them for other people, but never have time to finish one for our little duo to send and share—so this year I am getting a head start, and I suggest that you do the same!  That way, we might actually make it this year ;)

If nothing else, now might be a good time to schedule that family photo that you've been planning for YOUR Christmas cards... or for me to illustrate!  Head on over to visit this listing if you are interested in hearing more about getting your own custom illustrated Christmas cards.

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