Oct 31, 2015

November Desktop Calendar 2015

November is the month that I always seem to forget about.  As a teacher and wife of a teacher, September and October is "go time"!  Our wheels are spinning and our bodies never seem to stop.  Then, it suddenly starts to get cold and Christmas music is playing everywhere, and I'm working on gifts and cookies.  It's all I can do to just keep my nose to the ground and keep working until Christmas break!

Making the wallpaper was difficult this month.  I don't like to have Holiday themes on my desktops very often, and a giant turkey was just out of the question for me! haha!  But I wanted it to still be warm, comforting and... well... pretty!  Even though the fall feeling is basically over for us in November, it's still nice to have a hint of it on the desktop while we sip some warm cider and cozy up in our sweaters.

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I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful November!

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  1. Oh, I love the color of fall. You've picked the right theme for the month. Lovely as always. :)


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