Jul 20, 2015

Cross Country Camp T-shirt Design 2015

I don't always share my corporate-like, graphic design work on this little blog.  And the main reason being that is isn't usually as exciting.  I mean, design can be nice or well done without being blog worthy, ya know?  Business clients don't always like it if you go crazy creative and have fun on their medical brochure or mailer... so sometimes it's just there, and you only notice if something is wrong with it! haha

Anyway, here's a new design that I made for one of my favorite clients: the Hubbard ;)  He coaches the high school track and cross country team, and each year I have the fun challenge of coming up with a new design for their team shirts.

I decided to go a little more rustic and give the nod to vintage signs/stamps that I've seen popping up everywhere (and by "everywhere", I mean "Pinterest").  Because this is not my typical style, it took a few tweaks and adjustments before we were satisfied with the result, but now we are excited to hand them out to the team and sport them around the campground!

Would you like to see more of this style of work on here occasionally? Client designs (not the "boring" ones, of course haha!), personal designs, and maybe even a few tutorials?
 Let me know!


  1. Yes!!! I love looking at the different types of designs you come up with. I love the Vintage style of this design too. The texture is really cool and I love the colors! :D

  2. Congrats on making those shirts for a high school track and cross country team. It's not much of a surprise why they chose you, since your design is very appealing. It doesn’t look cramped, and it highlights the point you want to put across. That said, I would definitely love to see your other designs, and how you get about to making them. Cheers!

    Sherita @ Astute Promotions

    1. Thank you, Sherita!
      My husband hired me, so I guess you could say that I was guaranteed the job ;) In fact, I should have another design coming soon—the team shirt for the season is in the works! Hopefully it will be on here soon as well, and I look forward to your critique then!


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