Jul 24, 2015

Portrait: Wedding Planner

We all know those people who like everything "just so..."
The people in your life or place of work who have magic at their fingertips and the incredible ability to pull fabulous events together effortlessly, and look polished no matter what they are doing.

The drawing above portrays one of these people.  And it's a good thing too, because she heads up a sought after wedding planning firm and runs her own Etsy shop business!  On top of it all, she must be a pretty awesome boss, because one of her co-workers ordered this portrait for her—keeping all of her favorite things in mind: LBD, bow pumps, pearls, curls and more!

I had a blast making it and couldn't wait to show you.
Here's to all the boss ladies out there!


  1. This portrait looks very similar with your photograph. Yeah, you are right that wedding planners are very responsible for all party occasions. Yeah they help us to make our party more special by giving innovative ideas. Can you also work for me I would like to book venues for weddings in Los Angeles?

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for the feedback :) I am not a wedding planner myself, but I am sure that if you contacted one in LA they could help you find the perfect venue.


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