Oct 13, 2014

Kitchen Art

Doesn't that title make you wince?
For some reason, "kitchen art" is the equivalent of "bathroom art" to me.  It can be corny, tends to be very "theme" orientated, and mass produced.
However! As an artist, I do want to have art in my kitchen!  So I made something of my own, that I would not be too embarrassed to have hanging on the wall.  Just a little something that is cute, food/dining appropriate, and not an apple or cow in sight.

So I created the above piece.
I did this after working on a similar piece that will be released to your viewing enjoyment shortly, but until then you will just have to endure the suspense and ponder this piece.
And of course, I had to try some colored versions::

what do you think?
Am I still crossing the line of corny-kitchen-theme-art?
Or is this piece humbly acceptable as "just above par"?
Would you purchase a printable of it?  Because it's available in my Etsy Shop at this very moment!

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  1. Super cute! And I know what you mean, there are far too many rooster and sunflower themed kitchen decor in stores and they make me think of my grandma..haha! Your art is beautiful and that is definitely something that would look beautiful in a kitchen and not tacky like the other stuff


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