Oct 1, 2014

#OOTDsketch (34)

Throughout the week make a quick sketch of what I am wearing on that particular day, either as a warm-up or just to keep me loose if I don't have a lot of time to draw.  These drawings are then scanned and posted on my blog every Wednesday.  Enjoy!

Left:: My favorite peach skirt, paired with a peachy-pink necklace and navy cardigan.  Why didn't I mix this combo together before now??  And it was cool enough to slip into my favorite pair of booties too!  I call this Sunday a win
Right:: I have my first ever LBD.  I'm so pale, that I typically steer clear of black—especially near my face.  But when a free dress (family garage sale) is looking up at you, you take more risks!  For my first wear this past week, I paired the LBD with my red cardigan, aqua belt and necklace.  Throw on some nude pumps and I was feeling pretty good (though, still rather ghost-like!).

I cannot get over how crazy busy the past few weeks have been.  If you follow my instagram at all, then you have probably picked up on some less ordinary happenings lately!  Due to this fact, I didn't even have time to color my sketches this week :(
Let's just say... that I'm keeping everything b/w in honor of Inktober... yeah, that's what I meant.

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