Nov 14, 2013

Throw Back Thursday: Drawing Glass

I recently attended a conference with my husband, and fell into drawing the glass goblet in front of me at the banquet.  It did not turn out very well because the pen I had at my disposal was not fit for the purpose—it only had two modes: off or blot.  And because I was trying to at least pretend to listen to the speaker, my goblet was a little crooked! Haha
However, it made me very sentimental. I love drawing glass.  It's challenging, but can be very rewarding!  I haven't drawn glass in a long time—and I have not ventured to PAINT it at all yet.  Part of me feels as though glass is something that must remain sacred to my beloved colored pencils.

Below are some drawings from my undergrad.  The first piece was done in my Junior year (2010) and has been in 3 shows.  The middle piece was one from my Freshmen year (08) and has been in 2 shows, and the final piece was a monochromatic study—not showcased.

"Reflections", 2010

2008 (too young to care about titles)
Monochromatic Study, 2010

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  1. Wow that glass really looks like glass, love it! I am sorry I am so late this week with my visit life is a little hectic for me at the moment. Happy belated Paper Saturdays.


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