Nov 11, 2013

Initial Thoughts

I've been obsessed with floral watercolors lately.  Seriously.  
I dreamed that I was painting them the other night.
I feel like I finally figured out how to work out these flowers—how to make them look the way that I want, or at least a whole lot closer than I have been doing.  And it is also starting to feel so much more natural to me.  I am almost feeling my way along rather than trying to force my hand to work.

Though this I am also feeling braver with color.  While I have always loved a variety in hue with in my artwork, but the saturation was muted—I don't feel as timid, as though I need to "test out" my stroke in a soft tone before rushing in with the full vibrancy of the color.
Considering adding a personalized section to the shop.  What do you think?  Would you be interested in initial-ed or monogrammed stationery like the item I have listed above?
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