Nov 21, 2013

Botanical Ballerinas

My botanical dancers, featuring the "Poppy"(left), and the "Black Eyed Susan"(right). 
In my opinion, there are two types of girls in this world.  Either they a) have dreamed of being a ballerina at one point in their life, or b) they are lying.
Well, regardless of what I think,  I have really enjoyed my ballerina drawing obsession over the past few days (you will probably have noticed that I switch between obsessions quickly).  It has been a 2-day passion this time (so far), resulting in many sketches of ballerinas yesterday(examples shown above), and transferring 2 into watercolor form today.

Now is when you should sympathize with my husband, who hasn't gotten a well-thought-out meal in a few days due to my drawing motivations.  Oops, sorry honey!

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