Jul 27, 2015

Graffiti Youth Ministry Booklet

One of the best parts of my job is the variety that I am able to work with.
Because I began as a graphic designer a few years ago before branching off into wedding stationery "full time" (lots of attention, but still workin' two jobs), I still receive a lot of clients who are looking for other genres and styles of work.

Introducing: Graffiti Youth Ministry booklet (or "GYM" for short—aren't we witty?)

Derek was looking for something that would give an urban vibe while still remaining clean and welcoming—he was pretty set on colors and general content but other than that he was fairly flexible.  Despite his positive attitude, "inner-city" and "friendly" do not typically go hand in hand, so we had a real challenge ahead of us.

He also wanted a logo for the group, and I was more than willing to play around with a little bit of easy typography for the cover!

We continued the style that he chose throughout the book: brick wall texture in the background, graffiti style heading, crisp and clean design.

There were a few pages where we had to deviate from the main layout for the sake of legibility and functionality. But keeping in the color scheme and subtle background allowed the look to remain consistant without being the same on every single page.

Overall, the project was a fun challenge for me that resulted in a fun product!  And the client was pretty excited about the finished design, which always makes the experience more rewarding for me. 
Happy clients = happy Katrina!

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