Sep 11, 2015

To Have, To Hold, To Serve

So much about life and marriage is about service.
Self sacrifice and loving even when it's hard.

Our students take a family and relationships class at the school and they always interview married couples at different stages in life.  We were interviewed again today, and this time we found ourselves stressing the need for selflessness and loving service.  Not because we have been extra greedy or selfish, but I think it was because we have been pulled in so many different directions lately.  When you are running around like crazy people, that the best way to show love to each other is to help and sacrifice for one another.  Life doesn't always allow us to be romantic, but when the Hubbard helps with the dishes or I sit and label uniforms, we are showing love to each other.  A love that lasts and will continue to bless.

Our marriage is a choice.
Love is a choice.
And we have chosen "yes" to sacrificing for each other.

But more importantly, for our family, we strive to serve the Lord in all that we say and do.  It's not a very popular position, and it's not always easy.  Sometimes I would rather be selfish and do things my way, but that is not what The Hubbard and I have committed to do with our lives.

I made this calligraphy print for our little home (Joshua 24:15) as a continual reminder of this promise that we have made, but I am considering offering it as an instant download in my shop... what do you think? Do I need to add a "wall art" section to the shop? I think this print (or something like it) would make a great wedding/shower art, or gift to a newly married couple!

Are there any other prints/verses that you would like to see in the shop? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. My mom always said that to us growing up when we challenged what the rules!


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