Aug 17, 2015

DIY: Easy Envelope Liner

I love a good envelope liner.
So cute.
So classy.
So over-achiever, put together, Martha Stewart-y.

But how do we get that flawless, polished look without paying a fortune for cute paper?
It's really quite simple and doesn't take as long as you might think—you can do this with any envelope or paper, simply follow the 3 step directions below:


  1. Two Envelopes (or more, but you need at least 1 that will be "destroyed" and another to be lined)
  2. Beautiful paper (scrap paper, printed paper, colored paper, etc)
  3. Writing device, I recommend a pencil
  4. Scissors


Take your first envelope and cut along the adhesive, following carefully along the curved edge (if you do not have adhesive showing, simply cut along where you would like your liner to stop, following the natural contour of your envelope).

After that piece has been removed, simply cut riiiight along each folded edge so that a small sliver of paper fold falls off (below).  If it would be easier for you to first draw a line along the edge of your envelope before cutting, feel free to do so!  Remember, you can always cut more off, so start slowly!

When you have gone all around the edge, you will have two large pieces.  The one that looks like a piece of scrap paper with a pizza cut out, and another that looks like it would make an awesome "Envelope Liner Template"... because that is exactly what it is!


Now that your template has been created and is ready for use, it's time to get out your beautiful paper!  Simply place your template over the paper, and trace the template with your pencil.  Be sure to capture your favorite element of the design—anything that is not under the template will not be included in your final product!


I bet you already guessed this part!  Cut along the line you created with your template and then tuck the finished product inside of your extra, untainted envelope.

I always fold the envelope flap with the liner inside to make sure that everything closes nicely.  If anything needs to be trimmed (if it bubbles or pokes out when you fold it) then I apply these changes to the template before moving on and creating more liners.


IF, despite the ease of this tutorial, you either do not have pretty paper to use for your liners, are not inclined enough to make your own design, or you just want a shortcut to this entire process, be sure to check out my pre-made templates and envelope liner designs currently sitting pretty in the shop!
And they're only $6.99 for the download, which means you can make as many as you want!  Click on your favorite or let me know down below which one you like best :)

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