Jul 16, 2014

#OOTDsketches (23)

Each Wednesday I post some sketches I did the week before of what I was wearing on that particular day.  I've been doing this on and off for the past few years and only recently mustered enough courage to share them with the world!  Here's what I wore last week:
Left:: Rather uneventful morning at church and then an afternoon soaking up all of the hubby that I could get before he left for a week of school.  Wore this top that I recently dug out and fell back in love with(it's clean-out time for clothes that I haven't worn!  You can buy some of my gently used items here).
Right:: Celebrated our 2nd anniversary about 60 miles apart while my wonderful husband tackled another class for his masters.  Deep cleaned the house and was too lazy after that to color my sketch in (a trend that continued throughout the week... unfortunately...)

Left:: Spent some time living at my parents while Todd was away.  The long shorts and flow-y-sleaved-top trend continued, this time in a blush pink.
Right:: Went out to lunch at Greenfield Village again—this time in one of my favorite gray dresses, that I got away with wearing twice this week! (but don't tell anyone, I have my reputation to think about you know)
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  1. What a great way to document what you wore! My drawing is limited to stick figures and cat faces.

  2. Very cool! Thanks for linking up with What Wives Wear!

  3. I love the sketches. You did a great job!

  4. Your sketches are amazing. They're stunning, you're so clever. I would love to be able to draw, well done!


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