Feb 27, 2015

5 Favorites


1. Flowers.
I've been feeling the botanical lately... not that I have many around me to inspire this sudden interest, but the extreme (and extended) cold really makes me long for my favorites: Peonies!

2. Prismacolor
I didn't notice much of a difference when I switched to Prismacolor colored pencils about 6 years ago, but when I borrow a crayola from one of my students to give an example?? There is really no comparison! #ICanNeverGoBack

3. PaperFashion is working on an updating the Cinderella gown!

4. Camp Patton.
I killed way, WAY too much time on this blog (found via Kate).  Her dry humor has me in stitches with almost every post, but my favorite series is probably "Simon Says".  TEARS of laughter.

5. Have you seen this design package?
Really great collection of products.  I did cave and purchase it, but now that I did I am super excited to dive in and play (ahem) work with it.

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  1. I LOVE Peonies! I cannot wait until Spring to go see the Peonies Garden here in Ann Arbor. Your watercolor painting is adorable, I have been to scared to paint flowers in watercolor, but one day I will...


    1. I'm not much of a painter myself, but I did have fun playing around with this little piece :) Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. I've been into flowers recently. Been pinning ideas for the garden. I know what I want but I'm no gardener! :(

    1. Me either! My mom works wonders in her garden, but I'm extremely sub par! I'm counting on her expertise when we get a house

  3. I LOVE flowers, too! That painting is so pretty. Watercolors are so much fun!
    Thanks so much for linking up for the coffee date!


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