Feb 9, 2015

Book Cover Illustration: Garlands of Grace

I finally get to start sharing some of the projects that I've been busy with over the past few months!

Back in November, I was contacted by Dawn Escoto and asked to illustrate the cover design for her book of poems and songs.  How could I say no?

Dawn is a very sweet woman, and we enjoyed working together.  She asked for an representation (abstract over a more literal representation) of a garland of generic leaves (no specific leaf type) in a soft watercolor.  Simple enough! After looking over a few sketches that I drew up, she settled on the above design and I set to work.

After another month of work by Dawn and the publishers, getting background and type figured out, along with other details about the book itself, the collection is finally printed and up for sale! Be sure to check it out here or here (especially if you are fond of poetry!).

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  1. I love the cover design. It came out absolutely beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Julie! She was a pretty easy client to work for—she knew exactly what she wanted, and I just needed to move my brush around accordingly :)


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