Jan 31, 2014

Blog Stalking: The Lauren Elizabeth

This episode of "Blog Stalking" features another fashion blog that I frequent—The Lauren Elizabeth blog.
Left: Pencil sketch by Katrina Crouch
Right: Photo from The Lauren Elizabeth blog

While her style is not always right in line with my own (I tend to be more girly and classic, while she dives into more trendy styles), her general creativity, interest in interior design and sense of humor keep me coming back for more!
Also, she shops both at high end stores and "normal" stores (target, h&m, ect), making my regular stalking habits more excusable ;)

Interested in getting your own portrait drawn/painted by yours truly?  YOU CAN!  Right here!
All opinions, along with the sketch, are my own.  The Lauren Elizabeth does not even know that I am doing this!

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