Jan 24, 2014

Blog Stalking: The Quiet Place

I have a confession.

(( I spend way too much time reading blogs! ))

Seriously, it can get bad.
But I don't watch TV, or have a lot of free time, so the random moments where I get a chance to skip on over to visit my favorite bloggers is like a mini vacation.  I look forward to these little escapes, so it is no surprise that the bloggers that float in and out of my days appear in my warm-ups, and sometimes even make it to the scanner!  So, here's another one for you:

These are two precious girls blog over at "The Quiet Place Blog", and I have the privilege to call both of them my friends. About a year ago they began writing a blog together to encourage other women—and, let me tell you, they have done a great job!
Other "blog stalking" examples here.
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