Jan 28, 2014

Warming Up the Tail Feathers

This weekend I suffered from a case of the sickies—a small cold, but annoying just the same! 
 It began at work on Thursday and grew worse on Friday, but was TONS better on Saturday!  I really didn't feel sick at all and even managed to run to the store and visit my parents.  Then on Sunday I started to feel fatigued again and the sniffles returned... but I felt good enough to complete a lot o cooking and enjoy my evening.
And Monday? Sick.


But at least from my little perch on the couch, buried under a feather comforter, accompanied by tissue box, warm tea and sketchbook, I had a great view of my favorite animal friends, enjoying the bird feeder.  You can get a print of either of these bundled little sparrows from my etsy shop!

Hoping for a healthier, back to normal, no tissues, lots of chocolate Tuesday!!
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