Jan 23, 2014

Sketchbook: Saved For A Rainy Day

I am swimming in a pool of unfinished projects.
Sometimes, these incomplete pieces dishearten me, as I long for a spare moment to dedicate to the canvas (though, I often give the time I can get away with to my husband and family, so I can't really complain!).  On the other hand, I can't help but grow excited as I see the raw ideas still in their most exciting stages—that point where the final product can either be a huge success, or... a flop, haha

Anyway, since I have had an extra busy week, here's one of my unfinished pieces for you to muse over.
All Items are (c) Katrina Crouch. Do not use without permission


  1. I really love discovering new blogs and interacting with bloggers as well. I just discovered yours, actually, by way of your new sponsorship, and I'm really impressed with your artwork. Did you take classes, or were you self-taught?


    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. Welcome Brittney! So glad you made your way over ;)
      I was largely self taught until the end of high school (being the misfit of my family, who are generally math/science people), and began studying art at Spring Arbor University during my undergrad—you can find more details in my "About" page :)


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