Sep 9, 2013

Vintage Bicycle

Earlier this week I was asked by a friend to illustrate a vintage bicycle for him.  I was feeling up to a challenge and this little bike provided just that.  Since I have been working largely with animals over the past few months, moving back to a more technical subject presented it's own difficulties!  The last time I created a bike piece was during my undergrad and was entirely a graphic piece.  (Find it here)

After a number of sketches, I settled upon this shape and eventually converted the piece to ink.  Here is what I shared with my instagram followers at that time:

Then comes the paint!

My wonderful husband gifted to me his new travel set of watercolors and I am in love with them!  I was using crayola before (not knocking the brand, by the way, just excited to be beyond my first stage of watercolor "training") and I'm very happy to have more variety and quality at my finger tips.

After some adjustment to the new pallet, I worked on the bike and the background (inspired from a recent trip to beautiful Italy!)

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