Sep 30, 2013

The Perfect Day

Here is the final sketch from my old sketchbook—transformed into a finished piece:

This piece was a lot of fun—I really wanted to play around with some ideas involving light, and this one just nailed it on the head for me.  It was also the perfect day, and I felt that this reflected that well.  My husband was at work, but he was coming home early and there is always some excitement and anticipation with days like that.
The weather was also had the feeling of crisp fall, but was still nice and warm.  I was sitting in my own favorite drawing nook with some chocolate milk (not yet cold enough for hot tea), a blanket and a recorded book playing in the background.

It was great.  The kind of day that swells in your chest and makes it seem like musicals could happen in real life—I mean, who doesn't want to break out in song on a day like this?

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