Sep 27, 2013

A New Sketchbook

There is something in a new sketchbook that sends a thrill of delight through my chest.  The smell of new paper, the untainted apperience (free from the mistakes and frustration of the future), and the anticipation of a new journey at the end of your pencil... I love it.

I love it so much, that I follow the same pattern in each of my sketchbooks: I never, ever draw on the first page.  It is my pathetic attempt to keep the sketchbook pure and lovely—free from my failed attempts at creating a piece that is "cover-worthy".  I remember reasoning with myself when I was very young, that if my first drawing was worthy, then I would simply tare out the blank first page and tuck it into the back or I would copy it to the first page.

Unfortunately, my drawings have yet to fulfill the title of "worthy".  So all of my sketchbooks have a single blank page at the very front.  Many have been tainted during the life of the book, depending on the nature of my adventures.

Anyway, I began musing over these things as I completed my previous sketchbook and opened up a new one, skipping directly to the second page.

Here's the last piece from my old sketchbook—some play with a new idea... hopefully a finished piece soon!
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