Sep 2, 2013

Botanical Illustrations—National Floral Show '13

In January of this year I spent the majority of my time in bed (thanks to the many germ-y elementary students that I surround myself with) or with these botanical illustrations.

These illustrations were designed to mimic the 1700s style of illustrations for a display about John Bartram and his work with the northeastern native plants.  This display was put on by the Williamson Free School and their main marketing client contacted me about the illustrations.  While the work was difficult (mostly because of the short deadline and the sickies), I really enjoyed getting to draw again—before this my freelance work was largely digital graphics, though now I am asked to illustrate more frequently, which is great :)

Below are a few of the illustrations that I did for the event:

Franklina Flower
Fothergilla Flower

Representation of the work of
Carolus Linnaeus
Biological Pest Management
18th century map
 It was also cool to research the event that the illustrations were displayed—the National Floral Show in Philadelphia.  This is the largest flower show in America and my work was seen by about 300,000 people!  Talk about exciting!  Not only that, but the exhibit that I was a part of won 5 awards—including the Special Achievement Award, for a unique feature or design element.  Read more about that here.
Below is an image from the specific exhibit that my work was in (you can see my drawings on the posters in the back!!!).
"Stole" photo from here
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