Sep 9, 2013

Nerdy Bunnies

Here is a piece that I have toyed around with for a little bit now—an adorable little bunny with over sized glasses on.  I'll add some of my sketches for the piece once I locate them, though this piece had very little sketching before the first application, and I think that it was largely due to the musing that I dedicated to it before I finally put pencil to paper.
Here is my first version, done in prismacolor colored pencils:
Unfortunately, my haste in creating the bundle of fur without fore-thought shows through in this piece.  Also, the little ended up looking more fearful than I originally intended—I was intending more of a surprised look, the kind that might happen when magnifying glasses are suddenly slipped onto one's nose.  I did not lose hope and after some time had passed I created another piece that reflects a spirit of the mischievousness, which I love:

I'm also lovin' the green in those specks.
But in the end, it's the viewer who gets the final say.  So... what do you think, my dear viewer?

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