Dec 19, 2014

A Crafty Moment

I'm not very crafty. Artistic, yes, I would hope so—but crafty? Not really.
The closest that I usually get are my knitting and crocheting habits, but I feel like there is something different between making something functional that happens to look good and mod podge-ing, cutting and pasting or painting polka dots on things.  I get the "crafting bug" every once in a great while and it doesn't last long.  Many half finished crafts have found their way to the trash due to the lack of any real desire to finish something tedious, even if it is cute.

But yesterday (Thursday), I was feeling crafty!  Or rather, I was feeling like I wanted to skip out on some classroom cleaning that needed to be done and mess around with glitter instead.
Yes, you read that right—glitter. Apparently, I was feeling very crafty (just in time for Christmas, what luck)!

And these pieces were born (sorry for the sub-par iPad photos—better ones up soon)!  I drew out my design with a pencil on white cardboard before taking elmer's glue to a paintbrush and spreading the glue onto the drawing.  I had to work in stages so that the glue did not dry before the glitter was applied, but overall the project moved rather quickly.
I do have fun with the "crafting-bug" when she comes around, even if her visits are short and few in-between.

How about you? Are you a crafty person or do you find them boring?  Or are you a moody-crafter like me?

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