Dec 1, 2014

Free Download: December 2014

Wow, it's December!  So close to CHRISTMAS!
I know, don't you just love me for reminding you? haha, I'm actually so ready for Christmas this year—even though I'm usually the one who bans holiday music until the drive to Grandma's on Thanksgiving, I was pretty much ready for it by the end of the first week of November.

What I wasn't prepared for was the return of the "Polar Vortex".  This girl from The Mitten (Michigan), needs to wear mittens! Like, all the time.
Oh well, at least with the snow everything is looking pretty again :)  If it's gotta be cold, let there be enough snow to pretty up the place. (Let's not go crazy though, Buffalo's weather can stay in Buffalo!)

Anyway, the calendar above is available under the "Free Downloads" tab for your enjoyment :)  Have a great week!!

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