Apr 2, 2014

OOTDsketches (8)

Another week has come and gone—here are the little outfit sketches I did this week
Obviously, the best part of this was the necklace.  Gotta love a coral and gold statement piece!
Extra warm sweater was extra helpful during our 30* fire drill..

Student asked me if I thought pink and gray looked okay together...
I just looked down at my clothes, paused, and then looked at her.  She laughed ;)

One of those days where the clothes I wore during the day were more comfy than the clothes I wore to bed.  Another advantage of working from home on Fridays!
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  1. I nominated your and your cute blog for the liebster award! see here for details: http://thomasandmarciwallace.blogspot.com/2014/04/liebster-award.html


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