Apr 11, 2014

High Five for Friday

Every Friday, some of my favorite bloggers participate in a link-up called "High Five for Friday".
I've decided to join them again this week!  It's just a great way to look back and remember what a good week it has been!  (Find the original "link-er" here)
1. Opened up our "spring break" this week with a coupon on top of a sale at Micheal's!  For the two art teachers in our family of two (our entire family if you didn't catch that), it was like Christmas shopping.
2. Visited my baby sister at Spring Arbor University.  Miss this tall girl a whole lot (though we both agree that it's best when we don't share a room ;) )

3. Stopped by one of our favorite ice cream locations and were able to see this adorable elderly couple.  Only had a chance to sketch out the Mr before they finished their treat and left.

4.  The wonderful world of freelance slowed down this week (which was nice timing since my hubby is off this week!), and I had a chance to clean up around the house as well as get some little side DIY projects started (if not finished).

5.  This week has just been extra special for spending time with some friends—our entire weekend was packed with social "events" (it's a big deal for an extravert who works from home half the time!) and then with my husband's schedule being more relaxed this week, I am feeling super spoiled! 
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