Apr 16, 2014

OOTDsketches (10)

On and off for the past few years I have drawn a quick sketch of what I was wearing on a particular day, usually just throwing the little sketch away shortly after I finished.  However, after I posted one on my instagram in January, I began to post a series of these sketches each Wednesday—both as continued exercise for me, and to share a little of what I love to do with you!

Here are my #OOTDsketches from this past week.  Enjoy!

Left: Wore black pants, but I don't like to color in black pants... so, there you go ;)  Worked in the nursery and enjoyed a chili-cook-off after the Sunday service!  Sooo goood
Right: Went to visit my baby sister at the "Arborshire" and was able to wear my "new" $3 jacket that I got at a school garage sale a few weeks ago.

Left: Enjoyed some time back coaching next to my main man!  His track team needed some help this week so I got to tag along in some of my favorite work out gear (Albion Fit)
Right: Feeling fresh and girly with the spring weather that has finally shown up this week!  Gray dress and blue cardigan.  I tried to get away without wearing tights... but no such luck.  Maybe this weekend ;)

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  1. loves these!!! I'd love to know what that dress was and the blazer from april 8th!


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