Apr 7, 2014

Blog Stalking: Ruby Girl

Photo on right taken by Jaimee Morse

Another fashion blog that I stumbled across recently—actually I found this blog through "Jeans & a Teacup" that I posted about a few weeks ago.
Ruby Girl is the founder of a blogger group called "Fashion&Faith", and after stalking the various members, I thought I might as well follow the creator for a while!

Ruby Girl, or "Lindsey" is the queen of layering and pattern mixing.  Again, like many of the bloggers I have mentioned already, she is much braver that I am in her clothing choices and her budget is higher than mine.  While I don't read her blog religiously, her detail shots on instagram are always pretty.

The best part about her blog, however, is the locations she finds—always somewhere fun and aesthetically beautiful.  Go check it out!!!
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All opinions and illustrations are mine, "Ruby Girl" does not even know that I'm doing this!


  1. Love the outfit and illustration! I just bought a skirt like that...can't wait to try styling it!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Katrina! The illustration is gorgeous! You did an incredible job. xoxo, linds


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