Feb 25, 2014

Short and Sweet

I am the oldest of 4. Therefore, I'm the boss.
Hah, just kidding!  But I am the oldest in my family... and I love it... and them :)  One of my brothers and my sister are in college, so we do not get to hang out all together much at this point in our busy lives, but I still get to go home and see the "baby" of the family whenever I visit my parents.

Although, he's not much of a BABY anymore!!
"Baby-bro" literally reaches down to lift me up and squeeze the life out of me after I walk through the door.  But I love it (when I can breath again).  I'm the shortest one now and it's still strange for me to be looking up at everyone when I typically am looking down in other circles (like my in-law's for example).

But that's okay ;)
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