Feb 23, 2014

Blog Stalking: TIA

This week's blog stalking post goes to Ashley from TIA (aka, "That Is All").

She's a YouTube beauty blogger and uploads a new video every Wednesday. I am a recent follower (seriously, a month?? not even), but I love her sweet personality and the fact that she doesn't just focus on the high end products, but she also goes for the affordable, "drugstore" brands.  She has a blog, but honestly doesn't post to it very often, so I rarely visit.

I found one of her recent reviews helpful with a recent lipstick purchase and that alone got me hooked! lol
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All opinions, along with the sketches, are my own.  TIA does not even know that I am doing this!


  1. I love your blog stalking drawings! they're so much fun and it's interesting to see who you read :)

    1. Thanks Veronica! I like sharing the things I love, but I wasn't sure if anyone cared, so I considered dropping it after next week's post. Guess I'll keep it around a little longer :)

      (I have to get back around to you after all! hehe)


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