Feb 26, 2014

OOTDsketches (3)

 Another week has come and gone—here's a peak into my closet and life:
Scarf: Italy; Sweater: American Eagle;
Jeans: gap curvy; shoes: Kelly&Katie by DSW

President's Day and our first official day of break.  Can I just say that even though we stayed home (in the cold), it was a really great week??  SO great to recharge a little, and just get some things done around the house.

top: target; jeans: gap's sexy boot; socks: target?
Kind of a lazy day.  Intended to go out, but ended up staying around the house in some patterned knee-high socks and bright read lipstick.  No complaints ;)

Dress made skirt: target; Sweater: NY&C;
booties: Kelly&Katie by DSW
Tax day!  Not tons of fun, but so nice to have it done and off the mind for another year or so.  This is what I would definitely say is the not fun part of running a personal business: legal/tax stuff.  Anyway, this outfit appeared earlier and will likely come again and again—BECAUSE I LOVE IT!  I would wear it every day if that was socially acceptable.

Cardigan: TJmax; Sweater: target;
Jeans: gap sexy boot; socks:??
Another day working at home.  I had some client work to do and the icy roads kept us from the "adventure" we were hoping to have.  Love the flow of this cardigan, it almost makes me feel elegant as I trip / slouch around the house.  Still trying the red lip, but not sold.
And yes, I do often stand in this fashion with one foot on the side... I'm going to go lame one of these days!

Sweater: Kohls?; Jeans: Gap curvy;
Slippers: target
A long car ride to drop off some of my husband's artwork in a State wide show, then a visit with the in-laws. I noticed that the past 2 or 3 times that we have visited them, I have worn this sweater... might be time to mix it up a bit!

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