Feb 10, 2014

Competitions: Minted's "Let's Celebrate"

Trying more new things this month—why not?
I recently stumbled upon this stationery site, because... well, I LOVE me some stationery!  That's why I design my own, so that I can have tons of options at my fingertips!

Anyway, turns out this site has competitions... and the winners get $$ (always nice on a teacher salary), and their design(s) are sold on this site.
"oooh" (I said to myself)
I've missed the atmostphere of art competitions.  And while I will probably not be as heavely involved in competitions as I was during my undergrad (when I was helping everyone cut/frame mats and even hanging the gallery before the big reveal), it would be fun to enter a few designs.
So I did.  I entered the "Let's Celebrate! Wedding Parties Challenge"
And here are my designs:


PLEASE go here (or click on the designs above) and vote on some of the designs (especially if you like any of mine!)
All Items are (c) Katrina Crouch. Do not use without permission

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