May 1, 2014

Calendar: May 2014

The atmosphere surrounding a freelance designer tends to either be high on the tension scale, or low.  It always seems that my orders and responsibilities all come at once.  And then, it's suddenly calm and I am left a little bewildered.

In a sick and slightly twisted way, I love this type of schedule.  I thrive on deadlines and "to-do" lists, but I also like to have some time where I can work on my own (or tackle Mt. Laundry) and refresh myself a little.  Days when my OOTDsketches are not just something I threw together;  Days when I can make cookies or "get ahead" on some of my regular tasks (like this calendar design!).
Despite how much I love to rest when the business is "slow", I love returning back to the schedule.  And nothing quite beats the thrill of sending off a final design, or a note from a happy client after a full day!
Desktop mock available here

Well, what are you waiting for?!? Head on over to the "Free Downloads" page and pick out a background!
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