May 23, 2014

High Five for Friday (3)

Every Friday, some of my favorite bloggers participate in a link-up called "High Five for Friday".
I've decided to join them again this week!  It's just a great way to look back and remember what a good week it has been!  (Find the original "link-er"

1) The hubs and I broke into the 5lb bar of chocolate that has been taunting me for the past few months!  I got it during the Christmas holidays, but with the other holidays along the way, we just had too much chocolate already in the house to justify opening more!  However, the beast is now open, and I am quite excited!!

2) I had a lovely lunch date with one of my old school-fellows! It was so great to catch up on our recent adventures and talk over the future.  She recently graduated from the same program I went through—I am so excited for her!

3) Todd and I went to visit my family this week!  Our schedule has been so busy that our families have been pushed a little to the side since track started.  And my sister is home from college, so that was an extra bonus (bros were there too, but they normally are!)

Photo credit: Aldred Williams
4) Todd is taking 16 track stars to States this year! That is more than 3 times the number of students he took last year—I'm so proud of him!
5) I confess, I am really excited about the fact that Summer is sooo CLOSE!  I love my students, but they are ready for a break (and are making sure that I will be very thankful to have one too! haha).
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