Jun 12, 2015

Wedding Invitation: Boho Lace

One of the frustrating parts of designing for my own business is that there is a lot of trial and error that goes into the every day.  You think you're on the right track, you walk away from it or ask a friend's advice and just like that: the perfection that was staring you right in the face a minute ago is gone!

Here's an example of this type of frustration—the "Gypsy Lace" Wedding suite.

While I was still in the beginning states, I thought I had hit upon a real winner!  So boho, so trendy!  Loved the watercolor accents, and it would be easy for me to adjust the color balance to fit any bride's preferences.
I even went so far as to have the mocks made up (above), but upon revealing the design to friends and family, I found a similar response from all of them.

A resounding "eh"

Yikes.  It's not the style that I typically follow, so maybe that is why it did not receive the response that I expected, but I was disappointed.
Needless to say, this little gypsy has not made her debut until now and will likely remain out of the shop until further notice.

Haha, better luck next time I suppose ;)

Does this ever happen to you?

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