Jun 19, 2015

Calligraphy Name Hearts

I've added a few new printables in the shop!  I've had this in the works for a couple of months, but I just have not had the time to get my thoughts past the notebook in my purse.


I did a quick sketch over the weekend and shared it on my personal instagram to get a feel for how it would be received by "the public".  And I was excited to see that my instinct about design/general idea was correct!
So I set to work.  I was out of town earlier this week, but I was able to dedicate my Wednesday afternoon making a few trial designs and setting up some mocks for you all:

Of course, I had to include a favorite story book couples... and, well, somebody is re-reading Anne of Green Gables this summer.  I won't name names.

(ps. Todd just read the above over my shoulder and was slightly offended that he and I are not my favorite "story book" couple.  Of course, I assured him that after he wrote the thrilling novela about us, I would be sure to make a switch.  But until then... Team Gilbert)

You also have the option to include leaf and/or floral accents to your print—or the simple black and white names.  After making a floral version for the hubbard and I, I am getting excited to print it off and hang it in our little abode.
Because, even though we're not in a story book—we're still my favorite couple ;)

Order your own here!  They're $20 for the month of June, but the price will be going up in July!

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