Apr 26, 2015

Graduate: Art Deco Invitation

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Bringing a little bit of glam to the shop with this Graduation Announcement for the class of 2015.
It's hard to believe (but surprisingly easy when I'm in the classroom, funny how that works) that this academic year is coming to a close.

One of my College-age siblings is done, the other has 3 more weeks and I can already smell the sweet fragrance of freedom  summer.  While people like to put teachers down for having the summers off, without that rest (and we still work during the majority of it) we wouldn't be able to come back and do it again each year.  And I am ready!

Anyway, enough about that—back to the graduates!  A new journey is starting, and so very exciting for all involved.  I loved my time at the Arborshire during my own undergrad and I am excited for all of those who are about to start their own adventures, though I am sorry to see some of our students leave.
Bittersweet, as many things are.

To see this design, and others, check out the shop!

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