Apr 17, 2015

Flash Back: SAU Art Logo

A couple of years ago, I was asked to redesign the logo and website of the Spring Arbor University Art Department.  I really enjoyed the typographic play and the positive/negative space that is at work in this piece and was thrilled when the profs liked it enough to use it as the "official" logo for the department.
After designing a logo that all of the professors could like/agree on (not an easy task, I assure you), I collected images and prepared to create the website.  Despite the fact that I was able to finish it before graduation, the communication/pr group at SAU were not as excited about it as we were and decided not to publish it.  They did, however, take the photos that I collected and use them in the current site, so I feel a little more justified in that (especially because a number of my own pieces in the collection)

And the website was on display at my senior art show in 2012, so that was a bonus in and of itself I suppose.

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