Mar 24, 2014

Watercolor Wedding Stationery (Spring 2014)

Had a lot of fun with the watercolor feather of this piece—great for a beach or ocean wedding.
While the paint job didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to, I am still pretty satisfied with the overall result.  And, when in doubt, throw some Austen-inspired into the mix, and everything will turn out better.
I love me a BIG, BOLD initial—even now, I am a monogram addict, and "TCK" can be found in many places at our house!  I love how soft and elegant this one is, though I have trouble deciding which color to make the flowers; yellow (shown), pink or purple!!  I guess that's why I'm already married and can let the brides choose ;)
All of these designs are currently available, details about pricing, or requesting your own designs, can be obtained via Email (pink "mail" button below my picture at the top right of this site).
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  1. Such nice post! This watercolor wedding stationary looks superb. I recently attended a DIY wedding at some garden wedding venues in NYC and everything over there was also watercolor inspired. The bride and groom did all the arrangements together which turned out amazing.


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