Mar 5, 2014

OOTDsketches (4)

 Another week has come and gone—this time, it was back to work for me!  Here's a peek into my life and wardrobe:
Church-wear in my bright blue pencil skirt (loft?). Unfortunately I ended up changing almost immediately into pj pants when I got home—chic was just not meant to be on that cold afternoon

Back to work—and what a day!  I forgot my hair tie, the button on my shirt decided to jump ship and my students were CRAZY!  The dazed, overwhelmed look was on my face... pretty much all day

Down to business and breaking out the jean jacket.  Much better overall—and my buttons didn't go exploring this time!

The windiest day of all the year—I pretty much blew away.  Love this coat that I got from H&M about 5 years ago, it's warm and girly and RED! (but didn't get a chance to fill it in... maybe next time!)

Leopard (or "snow leopard") print top to spice it up on Saturday for the birthday parties (one on each side of the family!)  Favorite coral necklace for some extra sparkle and a girly pink sweater to soften the look
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  1. LOVE these! The 27th is my favorite one but I really like the 23rd too! By the way the new blog design is wonderful! I love it! :D


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