Feb 29, 2016

March Desktop Calendar (2016)

That time has come again! Time to clean off the desktop and enjoy a fresh start at the beginning of a new month.  While it is *technically* still February (and I am beyond thankful for the extra day this year), I thought a reminder would be helpful for all ;)

We moved this month! I can still hardly believe it—though the constant scrambling through boxes and the fact that we slept on an air mattress last night is a constant reminder—and I am so excited to begin decorating and getting settled in March.  The Hubbard also begin coaching Track this month, which means a new schedule is right around the corner for our little family.  Always lots of fun, but takes a period of adjustment.  I am learning to be graceful and calm through this season.  It is exciting, and I want to enjoy it without becoming too overwhelmed with the process or what I didn't get accomplished.

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  1. Gracias!
    Me encanta! Ya me lo he puesto en el ipad

  2. Moving can be a hassle but when you're done, it's worth it.
    Beautiful desktop calendar design.

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